Monday, 27 May 2013

Petra F. Bagnardi

A Veil of Glass and Rain


The title is interesting, but the cover is awful. I can't see the author's name very well and there are some tiny words just above the name that I could only read after I clicked on the 'look inside' feature on Amazon.

I'm really not sure what the cover is supposed to be. Is it a flower? The veil (as in the title)? Is that a door, a gravestone or a window in the centre?

OK, move on. The blurb: first line I spot a grammatical error, but even if that comma wasn't there I'd still hate the first line. The rest of the blurb grated even more.

Moving to the 'look inside' I'm introduced to the main characters, Brina and Eagan as children. The scene is nice and I'm comfortable enough to read on, but the jump from that to chapter one where Brina is having sex with a man whose name she doesn't know is a jolt too much. By the end of the chapter I know she IS an adult but even so it's a huge jump.

There are grammar issues in the sample chapters but even if it had been clean I wouldn't  buy this book. At $7.34/£4.71 this is WAY too expensive for an eBook. Even a well-known author would struggle to sell at that price. 

She glanced up at him with teary eyes and met kind blue eyes, that contained the immense sky. 
Then they became friends.
Then they became lovers.
Then they became complete.

But at what cost?

When Brina is nine and Eagan is fourteen, they meet and become friends.
Over the years, their friendship deepens; their bond seems unbreakable.
When Brina falls in love with Eagan, everything changes.

(Recommended for ages 17+, due to sexual content and language)